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When did you guys find that you were able to return to work?  I am 14 weeks post treatment with a clear PET and CT scan - Yay! My energy is good, but if I have a couple of days of "normal" activity I end up in bed for the day recovering.  I am walking 30 minutes a day and doing yoga twice a week but if I do an 8 hour day it just devastates me and if I do 2 in a row I can be down for 2 days.


  • MikefromWinthrop
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    I went back after 2.5 months, construction. Been working 40 hours for 4 weeks now, little more tired than I used to be, but it feels great to work.

  • Darkdancer333
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    I work a desk job at

    I work a desk job at transportation  the only days i have planned off is Friday... This is chemo day. Need day after to recover

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    I only stopped working for a

    I only stopped working for a couple of weeks (when at it's worst I could not eat, was spitting mucous constantly and really just wanted to sleep). When I didv work during treatment it was mostly from home or only a couple of hours at a time at the office. I returned to full time within a month of treatment ending. I'm 6 months out and back to 100% now - going to work and maintaining our 2.5 acres with a large garden, chickens, bee hives, guineas, etc. Feels good to be back!

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    4 months, probably could have

    4 months, probably could have returned a month sooner. Had issues with fatigue. I only work 4 hour shifts and the first 2 months I got a break every hour. I really needed it(stand all shift type of job). Now almost 4 months back into work, still doing 4 hour shifts, back down to 1 or 2 breaks. (They are terrible at giving breaks). The past month they have been a pain and decided that I work full 81/2 hour shifts. Haven't done one yet just told my managers and left at 4 or 5 hour. Thinking about moving to 6 hour shifts. I'm sure I can do it it's just that I hate my job and mentally don't want to be there.  Also I'm sure I could have been doing better and doing longer shifts sooner, I have been TERRIBLE at exercising so probably why I still have tired days. Oh how I wish I had the determination like you all to exercise, I have a serious lazy issue. 

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    Didn't take any time off..

    Didn't take any time off.. smaller days because treatment was at daybreak, and fluids.. yea, I wont go there, but no actual time off