how much does nexavar cost with insurance and copay?

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how much does it cost on average ? ive heard you cant get it cheaply and if you do it will pretty much break you ? how much does it cost you a month is anyone experiencing the

out of pocket cost ?


  • Mcss88
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    My father's copay was $368.00 with insurance for a 30 day supply. I about fell out when the lady at the specialty mail order pharmacy told me that. She directed me back to the doctors office to see about prescription assistance. I had to get a few papers from his last years taxes and I'll be submitting those, so we will see how much it helps.

  • AnnieMouse
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    $0 Co-pay patient assistance program

    If you have commercial insurance (eg not Medicare/Medicaid) you will likely qualify for the $0 co-pay patient assistance program. You can find out more info here:

    If links are not allowed, just go to the Nexavar web site and look in the middle of the page.  Good luck.