I saw Armywife


and her husband at MD Anderson last week. She recognized me from my photo here. They were so nice. Such a lovely surprise. It was great to see someone in person from the forum.









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    Small World...

    That was a nice surprise! I guess I'll have to add a photo to my profile, but in the meantime your experience nudged me to include where I'm being treated to the "about me" page.

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    I have met a few of the

    I have met a few of the ladies on this page and it is always a nice surprise to put the screen name and person to do. 

  • Armywife
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    It was so wonderful to spot you!  Thankfully your cute eyeglasses were what I noticed first!  You were the first to reach out and welcome me to this site, and I appreciate it.  I wish I could figure out how to put a photo up - we could all play Where's Waldo in this very small world!

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    Pictures are funny

    Pictures are funny things. For the first six months I was on this site, I used one of my mother's from the 1950's. She died 7 weeks before I was diagnosed so it seemed a nice gesture but in retrospect it was so I could stay at a remove from my reality. After my recurrence - 5 months after surgery - I realized I was in this for the long haul and wanted my friends to know who I really was. At that point I was just coming back from chemo and had a little hair, so my appearance was really fluid (hair grew quickly). As a compromise I posted a picture taken at work the month before I was diagnosed, even if it felt like a bit of false advertising. Now I need to do a new one, because I don't look like that anymore, either. I always appreciated how Editgrl/Chris left both her pictures on her About Me page, and I will do that too. I looked gawd-awful during chemo - who doesn't? - and want anyone going through it to know that this, too, will pass (my mother's favorite saying).