A new journey begins.....

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I don't post on here much, but I do lurk quite often. Well it's offical my wife is officially 5 yrs NED.  We (or she) has officially been told by our oncologist "no need to come back and see me."  Thought I never would hear those words.  She was diagnosed with Stage IIIB CRC.  Went through all the "typical" treatment rad/chemo then surgery then FOLFOX.  Still has and most likely always will residual side effects.  I'll take them.  

For those that provided me support during the early days..... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This forum and those on here were of such comfort.  I will continue to stop in from time to time.  Thanks again to everyone.


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    Woo Hoo!

    What happy news!

    I think we need a little man to help us celebrate.


    I hope you do pop in, now and again; but it is a good time to put us away, and move forward with LIFE. 

    Cyber HUGS!


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    That’s wonderful!


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    It's so glad to see your post since it's been quit some time.  What a wonderful post to see after all this time.  So glad that your wife is doing well.  You are a wonderful caregiver and you and her give much encouragement to this board.  Thaks for the update.


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        stay vigilant and stay well, Ron.

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    Fantastic news!

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    Hooray for your wife!!!!!!!!!

    Hooray for your wife!!!!!!!!! I LOVE reading this! Hope is the best medicine!


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    Great news

    Such a relief to hear, I'm sure.  Thanks for sharing this.  I hope to be able to say the same about my husband in 5 years.  He's also Stage IIIB although his treatment was surgery then folfox chemo but no radiation. He's not going the entire 12 treatments though, instead opting to quit at 6 as he doesn't want the side-effects to diminish his quality of life after.  All the best to you both.  This is an incredibly tough journey for everyone.