Reaction to Rice treatment

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Hi I’m Destiny and been Diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma. I’ve done 8 cycles of rchop and just completed my 1st round of rice. I had a reaction to the ifosfamide and wasn’t able to complete that part of treatment. Has anyone else had a reacation? If so how was it? How did it go? Were you  able to complete treatment? I’m worried about central neurotoxicity . Any insight would be wonderful. Thank you.


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    TREC is a possibility

    Sorry to hear this. It sounds as though your lymphoma is refractory to treatment? If so, there is a fairly new combination of older drugs that avoids the toxicity of Ifosfamide. It is called TREC and consists of Bendamustine, Rituxan, Etoposide and Carboplatin. There is an even newer combo that shows the greatest effect against Hodgkin's, but also applies to some other B-cell lymphomas. It is called BGV and consists of Bendamustine, Gemcitabine and Vinorelbine. Not all centers will offer these, but it is worth asking about. Comprehensive cancer centers that offer clinical trials should be familiar with them.

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    Rchop & Rice

    In 2015 I did 6 cycles of R-chop. After that it was determeined that several nodes were still enlarged so I had to do 3 cycles of RICE. The only problems I had were the usual ones with Rituxan reactions. That was well handled by the tylenol and benedryl. Fortunately that got the lymphoma into remission. I consider myself lucky in that I've not had any serious issues with any of the drugs used in my treatments. I know there are others on this board that have not been so lucky.