Low dose aspirin--oops?

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I take a daily low-dose aspirin.  I don't expect to change this strategy.  However, I found this study interesting:

Low-dose aspirin use after colorectal cancer diagnosis was not associated with improved CRC-specific survival in this large Scottish population-based cohort study. Specifically, low-dose aspirin use was associated with a 17% increase in CRC-specific mortality, but this was not statistically significant and did not follow an exposure response. Overall, in subgroup and sensitivity analyses the findings of the main analyses were relatively consistent.



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    It has it's benefits and it's drawbacks.  My doctor told me that it wasn't necessary.  Just hard to tell.


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    I had a discussion about this

    I had a discussion about this with my previous oncologist.  He said there was a collection of data showing those who took aspirin had a statistically significant lower recurrence rate than those who didn't.  This was enough for the additional trials using Celebrex which has the same effect on a cellular pathway as aspirin.  He told me what that receptor was but I can't remember now.  I asked him what he thought of the data.  He said there was enough there to seriously consider it.  So much so that we did try adding Celebrex to my drug cocktail during chemo treatment.  I had to drop out of using Celebrex because it was affecting my liver.