Blood transfusion again??

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Hello everyone! So this question may sound silly but I’m not too familiar with all the effects colon cancer can have on the body. My dad is constantly needing blood. He’s at his appointment as I type this. Is this part of having colon cancer or any cancer for that matter? He says he is not experiencing blood in his stool and a few weeks ago when he needed blood, the doctor performed an endoscopy and didn’t see any bleeding. Advice please?? 


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    Sorry to hear about your dad.

    Sorry to hear about your dad.  That definitely sounds like a question only a doctor can answer.  The easiest answer of blood in stool has been ruled out.  

    Hope you find the answers you need. 

    God Bless you for takind care of your Dad!

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    The only time I needed a blood transfusion was when my Red count tanked. I got two units at that time. 

    I presume from your post, that this is not the case for your dad. 

    I have no idea what else it could be. 

    Wishing him the best. 


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    Is your father on chemotherapy?  

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    Macdougal said:


    Is your father on chemotherapy?  

    Yes he is on chemo now. He

    Yes he is on chemo now. He was so anemic before he even started chemo and  needed blood before he started treatment as well. 

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    i am anemic too, and the fear

    i am anemic too, and the fear is always there about transfusions for my surgeries. I have not had one yet. I don't even know if I am still anemic to be honest. During my first 2 infusions, I got some kind of iron drip. before the drugs. I know it is one they especially worry will cause an allergic reaction because after getting it I had to wait like half an hour before moving on to one of my many other IV infusion day bags. 

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    You should ask the doctor

    You should ask the doctor exactly why your dad is getting blood.  I had blood because my magnesium and potassium dropped so low I felt and looked like death.  After the transfusion I felt SOOOOO much better.  I can also now play the piano and sing.  Okay so I can't but I wish I could.  It did however solve my magnesium and potassium problems for the moment.

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    Sorry that your dad is going through this but this is definitely something that needs more scoping out.  They need to find the reason why the blood loss and the need for transfusions.  Have you asked the doctor?  Treatments can make the red counts go down, but the doctor needs to address issue. Wishing your father the best.