DH has a maintenance plan for now

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DH completed his 12 rounds of Folfox, 5fu pump,and Avastin about 1 month ago. He did really well and somehow has remained positive and so strong during all of this. He still has a little neuropathy in his hands, but hasn't really caused any day to day issues. The biggest pain for him now is the blood clot he developed in Jan. He even had some ice cream the other day! It is crazy to look back and realize how much he has endured since the end of July. I am so proud of him and we say Cancer took so much from him/us, but Cancer gave us so much. While we were always best friends in addition to husband and wife, we have an even stronger bond. I truly thought I loved and respected him as much as humanly possible. Now I have realized watching him being a cancer assassin has made me love and respect him even more. In January scans were clear & MD Anderson doc said DH could end treatment after the 12 th cycle. Local doc recommended at least 2 more clear scans of treatmen. DH agreed with some maintenance chemo and will take 1000mg of Xeloda am and Pm every other week and an Avastin infusion every other weeK. For now the plan is for 12 cycles. He has a PET scan in April. This forum has really been a saving grace for me! Everyone has so much knowledge and really helps me prepare as much as I can, I am very appreciative of the time you all put into this to share with all of us. I am a very proud wife today and just wanted to share!!


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    Congratulations on the good news and your enduring relationship.