Post tongue biopsy x 6 days new ulcer over incision!


Hello members, this is my first post, so please bear with me! I have not been diagnosed with a form of cancer at this point, thank you. However, I was sent to an oral surgeon by my dentist about a year ago because I was having these sores on my tongue that weren't going away first I just had one and I went in for a consult and the oral surgeon said he could hardly see it and that's true it was pretty small and so I showed him and then he saw it and he looked at it you know and said okay you know it doesn't seem like it's bothersome or worrisome it's not cancerous. He prescribed me a mouth rinse that he said would clear it up. I went through 3 courses of the mouth rinse regimen and follow up afterward. No change. Next step was biopsy but when I went in for it, the ulcer had decreased in size and it appeared to be healing and so the biopsy was cancelled. That was maybe 4,5 months ago. It did start to go away, but then reappeared maybe 2 months ago and brought a friend, a second ulcer on the opposite side. I was fed up and scheduled a follow up and said I want the biopsy I am concerned. The surgeon was a jerk about it saying he" couldn't see a damn thing" . But then said ok he found it and did the biopsy. Only one ulcer was removed. So the healing has been slow. The stitches dissolved, and incision has closed up properly. Swelling was gone in 2 days. However the soreness and irritation has remained. I would not be concerned, but I have noticed new ulcers or painful bumps have formed over part of the incision area. Many things I eat and drink bother it, so I cannot just avoid a food or 2. Chocolate, cheese, banana, sting it. Anyway, so I go to see the oral surgeon tomorrow for the 2 week follow up and get the results. I am posting on here, curious if anyone else has experienced this? The ulcers were pretty smooth and flat but very painful. To one side of the tongue toward the tip. Anyone? TIA!