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I was able to attend Editgirl’s (aka Chris) Celebration of Life on Thursday, February 22nd.  It was held at a beautiful winery called Viaggio, in Acampo, California.  There were many in attendance, celebrating with complimentary wine, which Chris loved, and a beautiful lunch served outdoors.  As we had come to know, through her many posts, she was a woman who lived life to the fullest – before cancer, during her treatment of cancer, when NED, through her reoccurrence, and until she lost her independence to this awful beast.

I was honored to stand before her family and friends to represent us (Cancer Survivors Network).  Our group was mentioned previously, in her brother’s tribute, testifying to the many friends Chris had made around the world – including her recent Germany visits.  I brought to everyone’s attention how she had touched each of our lives in a special way, encouraging many of us, offering us hope through her alternative treatments and informative posts, remaining committed to our group, being a source of strength to many, demonstrating bravery, how she was a ray of light, informative, a comforter, always cheerful, and warmly welcoming to the new-comers.

As I explained to the audience, our group is like an extended family.  No one understands what a person goes through, unless given this diagnosis.  Most of us do not want to burden our friends and family with the details of our disease and the many questions they can’t answer.  Our group is a place we can come together, be transparent, sharing our anger and frustrations toward this disease, banning together to fight it with as many weapons as we can gather through various studies, resources, clinical trials, and sharing effective traditional and alternative treatments, We strengthen and encourage each other, openly discuss personal and intimate topics, joke together, and most importantly respect each others differences and choices in treatment.

I left with peace and a heart-felt understanding…just as much as Chris was precious to our hearts, we were the same to her.  In fact, I sensed our group was a place she could be real about her struggles and blessings.  A place for her to safely and openly share her journey - findings, concerns, discouragements, blessings, strengths and weakness.  A place she could come and know we were all in this together.  A place she cherished and held precious to her heart.  I sensed we knew her more intimately than those in attendance – more transparency was given to us, than others outside this group.

As I pondered this, I came to understand that I too feel the same. This group is my safety net.  I get busy with my family, homeschooling and raising my two sweet daughters and caring for my hard-working hubby, but you are my go-to, when I have spare time. I love coming here and seeing those who are committed to welcoming the newcomers, those who share new effective and hopeful findings/treatments, those who have remained NED, and most importantly seeing encouragement toward each other, and reassuring each other we’re not alone on this journey.

Chris demonstrated what a courageous warrior looks like.  She marched forward, never in fear, but instead determined to get the most from each new day.  She was still swing dancing in Lake Tahoe in October 2017, performed at the Cruisefest with her band playing instrumental surf and garage rock in November 2017, and even wrote on January 2, 2018 on social media “2017 was a difficult and challenging year for many reasons, but it was also filled with some great times with many of you.  Here’s hoping that 2018 brings peace, love and good times to all of us.” 

As each of us have come to understand, life is fragile.  None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  Even in Chris’s last days and hours, she remained optimistic, never surrendering to defeat.  Let us live like Chris, enjoying each day to the fullest, seeking new adventures, opportunities, and not let our previous/current diagnosis rob us of our daily joy and sharing love.

Rest in peace, our sweet friend.  Until we meet again, you will be forever in our hearts.




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    Thank you

    Thank you For representing us and your wonderful tribute to Chris. God bless you. 

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    Thank you, Charissa

     I'm grateful you acted on our behalf. 

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    Thank you Charissa so much

    Thank you Charissa so much for sharing. 

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    Thank you Charissa for

    Thank you Charissa for representing us and for the wonderful words you posted. Chris is loved and missed very much.  I feel honored to have been a part of her journey.

    Love and Hugs to all!


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    Thank you, Charissa.  Having

    Thank you, Charissa.  Having gone to Becca's memorial last year, it truly is an HONOR to represent this group.  Prayers for her family and friends, and for all of the warriors.

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    Thank you, Charissa

    With tears in my eyes, I say thank you Charissa.  Thank you for representing us at Chris' memorial service.   

    Hugs to all!


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    Thank you so much, Lanette.

    Thank you so much, Lanette. The tribute and the picture are beautiful.  Chris was a remarkable woman and although I am sad she is gone, I am happy I got to know her.  Thank you for representing us at her memorial!



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    Beautiful heartfelt tribute

    Charissa, What a wonderful and eloquent tribute to Chris’s life. Thank you so much for sharing your eulogy. You have expressed so well how we feel and what Chris and all of us have experienced as we fight for our lives.  It takes courage and strength to share the truth. Well said my “sister”. We all are better for having known Chris on this forum. ((Hug))



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    Just Lovely

    Let me echo other's sentiments: this was a moving and incredibly eloquent tribute to Chris, and to our community. Thank you for representing us and thank you for summing up how important we are to each other. Chris' smile was beautiful, I wish I'd gotten to see it in person. Thank you again, B

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    Charissa said:

    Our Sweet Chris


    Love this, Charissa. I didn't

    Love this, Charissa. I didn't know Chris as I'm fairly new here, but what I saw of her, she seemed really nice. I'm sure she's watching from whatever is after this life.

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    Thank You

    Beautifully written, and so meaningful to know that we matter to each other.  I'm thankful to have found you all.

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    Thank you Charissa for your elequent words for our friend Chris. Just beautiful and know that Chris is smiling down on all of us.


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    Charissa, your tribute is deeply moving and loving

    and captures- like her engaging photograph- the essence of Chris’s gentle and loving soul. I will miss her as I am sure we all will. 

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    Charissa, I'm glad you were

    Charissa, I'm glad you were able to attend Chris' memorial service. Thanks for representing the ladies on this board. What a beautiful portrait of Chris they used-- her smile is so bright and lovely.

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    Charissa, thank you for the

    Charissa, thank you for the heartfelt tribute to Chris and your wonderful representation of the ladies on this board. Although I didn't know Chris personally, I've been inspired by her courage and the experiences she's posted along her journey. 

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    Charissa, thank you for

    Charissa, thank you for representing us at Chris's memorial. I love reading your post and learning more about Chris's life. It inspires me to do more, live fuller. Thanks again for writing this beautiful post. 

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    Thank you so very much

    Thank you so very much charrisa for representing us. I can still remember when i first arived on this site. Chris and others wete there for me. She guided me as i was so confused and angry. Charrissa i remember you were in the middle of what was going to be your future treatment about the same time.  I do appreciate you taking time to be there for chris and for us.

    Lots of love


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    Thank you for representing

    Thank you for representing this group of women.  The strongest women I know.  Here's praying for a better year for all. Trish

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    janaes said:

    Thank you so very much

    Thank you so very much charrisa for representing us. I can still remember when i first arived on this site. Chris and others wete there for me. She guided me as i was so confused and angry. Charrissa i remember you were in the middle of what was going to be your future treatment about the same time.  I do appreciate you taking time to be there for chris and for us.

    Lots of love


    Janae, we were going to be

    Janae, we were going to be chemo buddies. In a sense, I felt like I let you down, when they told me I was able to bypass that part of treatment.  And, I felt horrible to have even posted it, because I felt like it was adding salt to already open wounds - in questioning, "Why me and not her?"  Yet, everyone rejoiced and celebrated with me, which clearly showed me everyone's hearts here - pure, kind, loving, and supportive. 

    Anyway, you hold a dear and precious place in my heart. I am always elated, when I get on here (which isn't often) and see you posting. It comforts my heart.

    I usually get more time during holidays and summer to get on here. But, please know, all of you are always in my mind, heart, and prayers.

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    Thank you, Ladies.

    It was a great honor and privilege to share of our close-knit group at Chris’s Celebration of Life.  Again, just as much as Chris touched each of our hearts, each of you were invaluable to her during this journey. 

    Again, she found it a safe place to come and share, a place that no one outside this group understands, offering her purpose in attempting to try new treatments, not only for her benefit, but hoping to pave a way for us – those dear to her.  This group gave her courage, strength and a determined purpose to be a productive warrior – again, not only to help her, but us too – this tribe!!!  I envision her passing that fiery-arrow to each of us.  She would desire nothing more, but for us to continue on.  Let us glean from what we learned from her and pay it forward.

    In other words, NEVER underestimate what you offer this group.  Please know, each of you bring a special aspect forth.  It makes it complete, when all contribute - no matter the length of membership.  Even a small reply lets us know we are being heard and not alone on this journey.

    Lastly, I sincerely apologize that I'm not better at getting on here more frequently – my life get so busy outside this forum.  But know, my heartstrings sing when I get on and see those who are committed to daily support of others and the newcomers.  Know, that your position here is invaluable.  It gives others the hope and comfort they need, knowing our diagnosis is not always an immediate death sentence.

    I feel so blessed to be a part of this tribe!!  We are all warriors, in one form or another, when called to this journey.  Let us remain banned together in support, love, respect, and encouragement. 

    Have an amazing day.  Remember, life gives no guarantees. It is uncertain and unpredictable.  Don’t let “C” define you!  It is our absolute duty to make the most of each new day – seek out your blessings!  Love and hugs to each of you sweet “Igidos" (aka "Sisters" in the Native Cherokee Indian language).