Lymph node transplants for lymphedema

On Feb 19 or 20th, 2018 - National Public Radio in the morning had a brief segment about lymphedema and breast cancer. It said that there are currently 5 medical centers or hospitals in the USA that perform lymph node transplants to alleviate or improve lymphedema. The procedure entails taking a group of lymph nodes from one part of your body and transplanting them to the affected lymphedema area. I will need to do more research to understand if it is applicable to gynecological cancer. There may be parts of the body that are less prone to lymphedema after node removal. Otherwise one would be trading lymphedema in one part of ones anatomy for another. I think the type of surgeon would be

a vascular surgeon who does microvascular procedures. I don’ t know if different insurance companies would cover procedure or deem it “investigational/experimental”.