Pelvic radiation and Cisplatin for recurrance

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I am starting a new link to get as much input as possible. I saw the radiologist today and he is very encouraging that the 2 spots on vaginal wall are very thin and tiny. He will start pelvic external radiation on March 5th and then do braky at the end of that. He is suggesting I try the Cisplatin chemo and know I can stop if not tolerating well.

I am going to the beach for a week with childhood girlfriends. I will probably do this duo as the leave it and see could lead to things I do not want. My daughter was with me and heard all the good, bad and ugly and she too feels this might be the best route for now.

I have already heard from some of you who did this treatment but welcome any and all advice. My son is getting married on June 30 and I want to look good and healthy for that for sure. I am going into this feeling healthy and strong and plan to push myself through the fatigue and avoid bllod clots.

Thanks Ladies for all you do to lift our spirits.

Donna Faye


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    A good plan!

    Donna Faye , Enjoy your time at the beach! I love your picture of the horses. Take care! 


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    Donna Faye, I can't comment

    Donna Faye, I can't comment on cisplatin, but I did do radiation.  I don't know if you know 'how much' (number of external/brachy) radiation or not.  I had 25 external and 3 brachy.  For me it was fatigue that I have never experienced before.  I did work through it all so I would get home, eat, and pretty much pass out.  It bothered me at first and then I decided "the heck with it" and gave in.  Rest is restorative.  Radiation continues to work for up to six weeks and fatigue lessened.  

    I agree with the 'push through the fatigue'.  I know you certainly will not be held down.

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    That sounds like what they are saying for me for external - 25 treatments. I had 5 brachy in July after the carbo/toxol. Research seems vague re recurrance in pelvic area . Docs say the Cisplatin aids the radiation but so far have not found any strong studies that confirm. The fatigue doesn't concern me as much as the side effects of the chemo drug. Am weighing how much a risk I want to take this go round. Thanks for the input.