Possible testicular cancer


Hello All!


Have a few questions, I have had a a pea sized hard bump on my right testicle on the top side since i was a young teenager. Probably about 13 and i am now 31. THis bump has not changed in size and have never given me any issues at all until a few weeks ago, i started to get dull ache in the testicle as well as sensativity, i have had some groin pain also and just an odd feeling. There has been no redness or swelling but it has created some terrible anxiety. when i mess with it it seems to aggrivate it.  I am scared i have testicular cancer, some people have told me that the fact this has been there all these years and is virtually the same size it always has been then its not cancer and most likely a cyst. I went to GP today and she seemed to agree with that sentiment but said she is still ordering an ultrsound. She also ordered an STD test. Can anyone give me some feed back on this or has anyone experienced anything like this? is it fair to say this is a cyst and my anxiety is taking over? or can this actually be cancer that has been sitting there all these years.. 


  • wifeandmomof3
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    Ultrasound will tell you

    The waiting between "there might be something" and "here is what you are dealing with" is the hardest.  The ultrasound will provide answers.  With my husband they were able to give him a good idea of what to expect from that.   Hang in there!

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    They may also order a PET depending on the US scan

    Take a deep breathe, Untill you have a difintive answer, worrying will get you no where. It will put un-needed stress on your mind and body. Depending on the Ultrasound, your doctor may also ask for a PET scan. If you are worried, prepare a list of questions to take with you to the doctors office. It is hard to think straight when you are there.