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I completed radio and chemotheraphy in Jan 2014 due to NPC (T1N2M0). My oncology doctor asked me to do MRI scan for head and neck in last Oct because of mild numbness at my left facial. The scan was clear. However, I found one small enlarge lymph nodes (~ 5 mm dia) above adam's apple/midline of hyoid bond 2 weeks ago. The lymph node is moveable. My ENT doctor scope my sinus and throat and he said it should be okay, and he will monitor it closely. I took 2 weeks of antibiotic but the lymph node is still there. I have experienced of one enlarge lymph node at submental (under chin) 3 years ago, did operation and was clear. I really worry about the enlarge lymph nodes and I would like to get some advise from all of you and about your experience on this matter.

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    I too had nodes that were

    I too had nodes that were found positive for SSC via fine needle aspiration and would be concerned by a node that didnt respond to antibiotics. Agree with OKC... i’d talk with your ent about a needle biopsy if the node is accessible. Bill

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    Has your doctor mentioned if

    Has your doctor mentioned if a needle biopsy was possible? When I discovered my enlarged neck lymph node, my first ENT wanted to do a neck dissection and test the removed nodes. I said "no thank you." My second ENT suggested a simple needle biopsy - which came back positive for SCC.

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    I think they actually did 4

    I think they actually did 4 biopsies on me, even cut a large piece out and nothing showed up. The CTs were useless and the 2nd one actually said it had decreased in size. Meanwhile, the cancer spread everywhere in my neck. I am not trying to scare you ( though once someone is told they have cancer, you are fairly scareproof). For me, any enlarged lymph nodes amenable to removal, and not responsive to antibiotics are coming out. Forever. That's just me, everyone has a different take.