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My husband who is 47 was diagnosed with Colorectal cancer (Adenocarcinoma) in 2016. After surgery and chemo he had his ileostomy reversed and was given a status of NED in July of 2017. In January of this year, he had abdominal pain which we thought was a blockage in his intestine. When the doctors went in to fix it they found cancer throughout his small intestines, Stage IV Adenocarcinoma. They gave him another ileostomy. He starts chemo this week.  This news has been devastating. Is there anyone who has this same type of cancer and if so, do you have any recommendations for where we should go for another opinion and or treatment? Thank you.



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    Hi Leester, I’m so sorry to

    Hi Leester, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband.  In my research (informed a lot by US News & World Reports), the top 3 Cancer institutions in the US are MD Anderson (Houston Texas), Memorial Sloan Kettering (NYC) and Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN).  Mayo is listed as first in GI surgery as well, followed by Cleveland Clinic (the latter of which also provides an online second opinion that doesn’t require an office visit).  I’m trying to tap all these resources (plus Duke) for my stage 3 rectal cancer except MD Anderson, but only because I’m just running out of time and need to start treatment.

    Hope this helps, and best of luck to you and your husband,


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    I do not have the same cancer but I just wish you good luck and sending positive vibes.  The thought of having cancer is already devastating itself, more so having it returned when you thought you were good.  I believe the best medical facilities are in the USA so I think you can choose the top ones.  Keep strong!

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    I was a stage 4, poorly differentiated adonocarcinoma

    I responded really well to my chemo treatment and was fortunate enough to qualify for a HIPEC procedure, which I consider a great thing if it is an option for you. I was 48 when I was diagnosed 2 years ago, and I am currently NED. It is certainly possible that your husband will be able to work through this again and return to NED.

    Personally I also take quite a few supplements on top of my conventional therapy, but that is my cancer journey and certainly everyone has their own beliefs in what may work for them. I list what I'm in to on my profile if that is your thing.

    I hope your husband will be wildly successful in this round of treatment. Best of luck