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Turned 59 today, one more trip around the sun...hard to believe it was 11.5 years ago that I was dx with stage 4.. There is hope out there for anyone newly dx. I am certainly not a model for eating right, exercising and constant prayer but I do my best whenI can...All my best to all and the caregivers who nourish them.



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    Awesome milestone and a very Happy Birthday.  You truly have something to celebrate.  Happy Birthday and congratulations on such a great successful journey.


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    Now you're the same age as me. 

    I am looking forward to 60. I hope you are as well. 


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    Happy birthday Chip

    May there be many more of them, Ron.

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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!


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    Please, have many, many more.

    Please, have many, many more.

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    Happy birthday!! Mine is

    Happy birthday!! Mine is coming up next month. I'll be 55. Funny, I don't feel 55. My body feels like what I'd have expected for when I was about 80, though.


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    Happy Birthday!

    You are an inspiration to all of us.  Here's to 11.5 times 11.5 more!

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    Happy Birthday

    Wishing you many more.

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    Happy Birthday wishes to you, Chip! Giving all of us hope. Inspired, --Beth

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    Happy Birthday Chip!

    Welcome to 59, 60's still 3 months away here. As with you I'm no model of hyperhealthy living, Ilike my beer and burgers, but new folk should know that many survive without giving up all life's good stuff.  Congrats on enduring, 11 1/2 years is quite a span, keep it going, and enjoy...................................Dave

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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!  Here's to many more!!