Gynecologist appointment

I had my appointment today to discuss my u/s results. I so did not want to go, but I am loathe to cancel an appt. last minute unless it's something extreme like I'm sick or can't stay off the throne. It's not fair to them or to patients who could have had that time slot. 

Anyway, it went pretty good. I consented to the procedures, he gave a little, I gave a little. He really thinks I should have the biopsy, but he would not budge on sedation. I wanted to be awake. He did say they (anesthesia team) might be willing to do a spinal block, but that it might be hard to do because of my weight. I am going to ask at the pre-op clinic I will have to go to, where they do any tests they need to do and you meet with the anesthesiologist etc, etc. Where he compromised is he was really pushing hard for the mirena IUD, he wanted to put that in after he finished the other procedures. I would not budge on that. I refuse to ever have another IUD, I don't care what the benefits are. He said he would meet me half-way and do it one step at a time. Which makes me think he's going to push for it again if the biopsy results show I don't need a hysterectomy, but I will deal with that at that time.

We were talking about propofol and he said something about you aren't out, just sedated, sleepy. And then he said something about pain. I told him no matter how "sleepy" I am, if I feel pain, I'm gonna wake up. He said I wouldn't remember the pain, but I told him I wanted to remember what happened. He said he would tell me afterward what happened. I said but I want to watch it on the screen (especially the hysteroscopy, where they look inside the uterus). He said he'd be willing to tape it for me. Cool beans! 

I didn't expect him to say yes to this, but I asked anyway and he said I could have my leg wraps and my ankle brace on in the OR. Now, watch me get a hard time from the nurses in the day surgery unit about it. I told him that the ankle brace is hard to get on, he said they would help me put it back on but I could keep it on if I want. He is really super nice, I don't know how I lucked out getting him for my ob/gyn. 

I don't have a date yet, but he said it would probably be in about 4-6 weeks. He told me that women with my risk factors have an 8-9 times increased risk for uterine cancer. I really hope it's not, but if it is, I will have to deal with it. I'm feeling a lot calmer about it than I was the first time it was planned, but I'm still very scared.


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    I feel for you

    let us pray and hope it is not uterine cancer, but always be prepared.  I had so many stipulations before I went into the hospital that I had to contact the head of the nursing department.  I drove them nuts, but as you know, speak up or forever hold your piece.

    Being scared is all too familiar with me.  4 to 6 weeks is a long time to wait.  I waited 5 weeks just to see the gyno oncologist and it drove me nuts.  Try to stay calm, keep your mind off of it or ask for a mild sedative for sleeping.


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    You'll do fine.

    You'll do fine. Smile

    I had propofol for my D&C and I was out cold. I only remember the anesthesiologist saying here's something to help you relax and then I woke up post op. My boyfriend said after I got the relaxer, I mumbled something about it not working and then I was out.