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Hello everyone! 

We got some fantastic news today. My mom FINALLY got the results of her biopsy back and the tests that were done on the cervical polyps that the doctor removed and everything is NEGATIVE! We are so freaking relieved. The doctor is recommending a hysterectomy in the future so she never has to worry about this again, which she is definitely considering but for now, we are basking in the relief. 

Thank you all so much for the wonderful support, it really means so much. Best of luck to everyone here and many, many hugs. Thank you all again. 



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    That is absolutely wonderful

    That is absolutely wonderful news!!!  I am so happy for her (and you).



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    Love your news

    Give your mom a hug from me. 

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    Hooray, so happy for you and

    Hooray, so happy for you and your mom.

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    That is such great news,

    That is such great news, ReginaMarie!!!! So happy for your mom!

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    Wonderful News

    So happy for your Mom and you!  Praying for continued health!

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    a blessing!

    Super great news but remember we are here if you ever need us!


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    So happy to hear your news! 

    So happy to hear your news!  Hugs to both of you!  Cindi

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    Great news!

    That is wonderful news! Prayers answered!


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    Great news!

    It is always good to hear great news! Thanks for sharing!

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    Great news!  Thanks for sharing.

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    Very happy for your mom's

    Very happy for your mom's good news.

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    Cervical polyps

    I used to get cervical polyps frequently.  I'd say I had about 6 in a period of 8-10 years.  I also had a benign endometrial polyp removed a few months after menopause.  Ten years later, I was found to have stage IVb UPSC.  If I were in your mother's shoes, knowing what I know now, I'd definitely go for the hysterectomy. My doctor never recommended it for me back then.