Still Here


Well, it's exactly 1 year since my diagnosis.

Last Valentines Day my CT indicated a large blockage in my sigmoid colon. Admitted to the ER that evening, monitored and prepared through the next day for an inpatient colonoscopy. Diagnosis confirmed stage 3b. Surgery to remove 12 inches of the sigmoid the following day.

Last scan in Dec 17, was NED. Next scan in April. Hopefully that's NED as well.

But, on the bright side. I am still here. Was afraid at the time, that I wouldn't see another Valentines Day :-)


  • Tunadog
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    I’m still here..

    I got some bad news about a friend today. She was diagnosed with cancer on February 2nd and given two months. She died last Wednesday.

    Rest in Peace Bonnie

  • SandiaBuddy
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    Still here

    I am pretty much on the same schedule, diagnosed 2/9/2017.  I wondered if I would see another Spring.  Let's raise a glass to still being here.

  • plsletitrain
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    Here's to hoping for more valentine's day!

    I'm behind by 1 month, diagnosed March 2017.  Also 3B.  Can't say NED as of this time, my status is quite still questionable but I'll claim it anyway.  Here's to hoping for more valentine's day for all of us! 

  • sflgirl
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    Still here

    Stage 4 with sigmoid tumor and liver mets in January 2015.  Just got my CEA and CT results today.  NED.  Raise a glass to still being here.  

  • BRHMichigan
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    First year anniversary of diagnosis

    Thanks so much for celebrating making it through your first year! Mine isn't until May 10, and I look forward to seeing it pass me by. I went from 3b to stage 4. 

    May we see many, many more years ahead. When I think back to what I've endured, it is rather something to be proud to still function!

    Cheers to all of us.