vitamin c supplement to build immune system?

My sister suggested camu camu from amazon to build my immune system. It is a high potency vit C powder that she mixes into her morning smoothie. Has anybody heard of this? I will check w/ my oncologist first to see if this would cause problems during chemo. I am surrounded by sick people at work and, as most od you, am frightened of catching the flu. With our compromised immune systems, this might help.


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    I know when I asked about

    I know when I asked about Vitamin C supplementation from my onco dietician, she said it was OK. I plan to take the non-acidic version, though ... not camu camu. I'm taking it after surgery. (Mine is scheduled for the 14th.)

    It's probably the best idea to do what you're planning and speak to an onco-gyno or have an onco-dietician.... your treatment may be different. In my case, I'm undergoing chemo.

    In the meantime, I wear a mask when going out and wash my hands like crazy when I go home.