I want to ask people who have had small bowel obstruction... How did you know it has cleared? My mom had one almost 4 weeks back. She wasn't vomiting much. But there was nausea vomiting diarrhea. Confirmed on CT scan. After 2 days of bowel rest they started fluid diet n it appeared like the obstruction cleared. She got her chemo and after a day or 2 she was unwell. Vomited twice and diarrhea too. The doctor said it does not look like obstruction. It's chemo related. She has been taking fluids since Monday. No nausea n all. But loose stools. My question is how do u know the obstruction has cleared??


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    So very sorry that your post has not been addressed before now.  Sometimes it gets lost with other posts that are more active.  Usually it has to be diagnosed by some type of scan.  Vomiting can be a big sign because it means that the bowel is not expelling but it's hard to tell with the flu going around.  I'd make sure that she gets a scan of some type just to make sure.  That is not something you want to let go.  I'm hoping that she feels better soon.