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My doctors have me eat flash frozen foods as much as possible. Some yogurts and pasteurized milk/dairy products. Hard cheeses. Good thing I like cheddar. I unfortunately have a bad habit of letting my body cravings pick the foods. Works great when all my body wants is veggies (I always microwave my flash frozen foods). My doctors like me to eat hot pepper foods, flash frozen if possible. Lately I have been able to eat garlic again...ranch dip with Pringle jalapeno chips. I really put on a lot of weight when I was trying to get my wbc's up. I was living in an area of town I could afford the rent, but nobody wants to walk through or down the street. I recently moved and have a side effect rash that means I have to be in until I am able to fight it off. I need to exercise . I have a bad habit of sugar. My doctors didn't expect me to survive long enough for the next cancer cure, and encouraged me to indulge a bit more than I should have.


I don't blame them, but it is difficult to try to back off the sweets when the body really wants those sweets. I'm going to working on getting my body back to where we can see if my organs are getting enlarged.


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    Hot Spicy food

    My doctors sent me information about the hot stuff in hot peppers. Capinsin, mind my spelling. I'd not really been into hot food like that, but I started with a package of El Monterey Picante and the green chili peppers also. I found it made me feel better. I started using Tabasco in my eggs and worked up to Habrano. I put it in everything from eggs to mac N cheese. It helps with nausea, it helps with fatigue, it helps with the coldness in my chest and back, and I found out it's a natural pain reliever. I just moved, it was a nightmare move, but I don't have any right now and I am noticing the difference between having it and not having it. I'll pick up some next store trip.


    It works.


    Nausea foods aren't easy to find, it seems like what works today doesn't work with the next bout. Ginger accelerates some medications and that can be dangerous. Peppermint stops my nausea and is not good for being very romantic...inhibits romance a little bit. Okay with me, but it does that. Saltines with the unsalted tops, okay, but I sometimes get where I can not tolerate the taste of salt. Peanut butter and jelly helps, funny how that is. My doctors say nuts help. I found black tea, but my doctors weren't so happy as I was about that. Green tea is Bad. Wait until you are NED to indulge in the green tea - it cleanses the liver and the chemotherapy.


    Lemons lubricant the liver. Coffee is a liver lubricant. Raspberries are a liver lubricant, but raspberries are also a cleanse and an astringent, so I prefer black berries. Strawberries are not good. Apples seem to help me with nausea, not the juice or sauce, but apple slices, preferably heated.


    I know I am off track on hot foods, but am on a run and if I stop it might not get written down.

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    soy and overeasy eggs and protein foods

    Soy makes okay pizza cheese, look up the recipe. Over easy eggs are Death. Salmonella is nothing if you don't take chemotherapy, but as soon as you are on Chemotherapy the things you used to take for granted can become deadly. Raw cookie dough, even though you may have been able to eat it all the time before chemo you are flirting with a bacterial infection that might be strep, it could come out as pneumonia, it could land you in the hospital, it could be a form of bacterial infection or infections that are mostly seen in third world countries. Listen to your doctors and nurses and be very food intelligent. This is your responsibility to protect your body against infection. That includes soft cheeses and cheese cake. Soy is an excellent form of protein and there are recipes online for soy instead of soft cheeses that makes pizza and cheese cake.


    Protein rich foods help fight cancer. Unfortunately a lot are fatty foods, I am not in danger of being too thin. But the peanut butter does help with stuff like moving or a big job you just can't outsourcing.


    Honey. Raw honey is Bad. Usually you can find a good pasteurized honey, I found a pasteurized whipped honey that I can indulge in. My doctors tell me repeatedly that sugars feeds cancer tumors. My nurse says honey is usually more clean and a protein, but with honey you have to check with your doctor bcz honey is a very dangerous commodity and doctors do not always agree on honey. I actually rarely have honey, but it is something to bring up.


    What else is something to bring up...Drinks. Water is the best thing to drink on the planet. Sometimes you just need some flavors. Fruit juices need to be diluted by at least half, my doctors say twice as much. Colas and sodas' are Bad. Vegetable juices and the V8smoothies my doctors haven't had any problems with my indulgence, just not all the time. Hot water with just a little lemon juice from the plastic lemon is nice and pasteurized. Lime is available and pasteurized. Milk is good pasteurized and skim, yogurt is pasteurized and helps with the good bacteria that you need in your tummy to fight acid reflux and bad breath. Plain and vanilla are the safest. And with plain yogurt that is pasteurized you can get some nice flash frozen fruit to mix in for a nice healthy treat.


    My doctors cringe when I get ice cream. Yes, it's pasteurized

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    Fresh meat, vegetables and fruits

    I can't remember the last time I had fresh meat. It had to be before 2014. Thanksgiving dinner is a freshly cooked flash frozen bird. Lucky for us all of the frozen foods are flash frozen. It's the easiest process for the food industry, made available by by the Potato Baron Mr. J.R. Simplot of Idaho. Thank you Mr. J.R. Simplot for the flash freezing process.


    I did have some fresh oranges this year and came out alive, but it's not good to make your doctor mad at you for risking your life over a fresh orange or 8.


    Flash frozen foods...meats, vegetables, fruits are easily accessible and affordable, they have ab better nutritional value when microwaved and are very doctor friendly. Cleaner and more nutritionally balanced, at least while you are on chemotherapy and have a tumor leaching off your body and soul.


    Just be careful and smart about what you eat. Infection kills more cancer patients than you might think. And it's not just a little cold or a little sniffles, you really don't know what kind of infection you can get. Staph, strep, salmonella,botulism, some bacterial infection that hasn't been seen for a hundred years, something that is only common in a third world country. It changes and manufactures inside of you. It's a combination of the cancer and the chemotherapy is what I would guess. Rock salt in ice cream can be very Bad. A possibility of the rock salt and chemo not agreeing once you have them in your body has been a discussion, I know my doctors don't want me to get ice cream and sugar is Bad. My doctors are always reminding me that sugars feeds cancer tumors. My problem is that the chemotherapy makes my body crave sugars and I feel better after a sweet sometimes after chemo time. Peppermint lifesavers.


    I might be in trouble, some of this could be interpreted as medical advice and I am Not medically trained in any manner,shape or form. I am a cancer patient who has been on chemotherapy for a long time. Sometimes it seems like forever, but it is not as bad as it sounds. I'm pretty healthy and my chemo has not been stopped for side effects or for full body fatigue.

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    Flash frozen foods

    Birdseye, Jolly Green Giant, store brand name. It's frozen really fast. Microwave the flash frozen foods and you get more nutrition than fresh boiled, and it's safer bcz the flash freezing kills listeria and ecoli type of germs. Top with some good hard cheddar cheese, sharp cheddar, mild cheddar, and it's paradise. Pizza is Bad. If you have to have pizza make it with soy or try it with a good cheddar.


    Side note, on nausea, I find potato chips in the can, Pringles or Stax original helps. I like the jalapeno chips for nausea, the canned variety seems to have less salt and grease unless you get ranch.


    Eggs are great, my doctors said it is actually possible to eat eight eggs a day if you want to. Just always scramble your eggs and make sure that your eggs are not runny, whites as well as the yolk. Defy the odds for over easy after you've beaten the fight with cancer.


    Infection is the worst enemy, except for the tumor. Infection kills more often than the tumor. We are susceptible to more infections while we're on chemo.


    Chocolates help me with chemo brain. So does tomato soup and V8

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    My side effects are bad enough that chemo is not being used daily or monthly again yet. I guess you stop chemo and then side effects regale themselves. I weigh 200+ and can barely walk due to peripherial neuropathy. 

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    Flash frozen versus fresh

    If vegetables arer washed thoroughly or cooked till done why are they better for you?   This is the first I have heard about this.  Thanks for any info