Tips to make life easier during treatment


My husband has just finished the standard chemo/radiation 35 session treatment. During the last almost three months we have hit upon some things that have made things easier:

1 gets lots of disposable cups to use to spit in during "mucus attacks" and always have some around when traveling.

2. Paper napkins are sturdier and better for wiping thinck mucus than kleenex tissues

3. sew up several stretchy (like lycra material) cumberbund (like abour 12 to 18 inches)

s to wear to keep the peg tubing in place and not get caught in clothing -- it also allows clothes to fit and thus feel better

4. use a spray bottle of water to help with dry month and bake sure it is easily available

4 and iv pole is worth the investment for hanging the gravity feeding bag. It is the right height and rolls easily\

5 soft mouth swabs (the pink not the green ones) are useful for  removing the mucus

6.solft pjs are important as the skin can be very sensitive

7 a very soft scarf for the neck (and of course lots of cream)

8. buy a set of plastic drawers (usually are in a three-drawer form) to keep everything organized

9 when serving liquiids or food serve in small dishes -- a large glass is intimidating and is less likely to be consumed -- start small and work up

10 make sure you have file binders to keep receipts, medicll instructions and a mdedical diary in -- and keep a good record of treatment, weight, medical data

11. a small heated throw blanket that can be used in the living room as well as in the bedroom -- the treatment and loss of weight means that it is easy to become cold



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    Sensitive skin or burns

    Wondering what cream is the best for sensitive skin. i had a biopsy behind ear and through mastoid bone.  It has been a month and that area of my head and neck feel like I have a sunburn.  Quite raw - can't lay that area on a pilloW without hurting - suppose it is not healed as well.  I have been rubbing vaseline on the neck area right into my hair near the ear.  Any other suggestions - not so greasy, unscented, or better to provide relief.  Thanks.

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    Sensitive skin or burns

    Try AquaPhor ointment - greasy yes but it works and is available everywhere.