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Hello - Can anyone suggest a pain med, heat, cold, or anything that might help to relieve fairly extreme pressure near the ear and radiates up and down to cause a headache.  And can anyone think of a medication that might be effective for earaches.  A neurologist I saw is suggesting to try cymbalta which some find helpful for pain and fibromyalgia.  I worry because I am still suffering with Bell's Palsy symptoms and wonder how cymbalta might affect my recovery of this.  I forgot to ask him about this.  I do need something for pain as well though.  Thanks for any suggestions.  


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    I don't know what kind of

    I don't know what kind of treatment you had for H&N, but it is probably related to the radiation treatment or neck dissection. There are many nerves in the face and neck that may still be inflamed causing your discomfort. I would try the natural approach, warm compresses and gently massage the area, and try not to sleep on that side. Talk to you doctor about Meloxicam I take this for nerve pain in my back as needed. It's an anti inflamatory.

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    Heat helps me

    I get migraines and neck pain quite frequently and have found that a heating pad applied to the neck/shoulders and sometimes back of the head close to the offending ear (left side, in my case from collapsed ear canal) helps the pain. I also get Botox injections for said migraines and that has also helped quite a bit. I have taken Lyrica for nerve pain in the past that helped a little. I occasionally apply menthol-based rubs to the temples, forehead, around the ear near the jawline and neck (when not using a heating pad). Gentle massage to those areas has helped me as well. Hope you feel better.

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    Hi, because of your tumor

    Hi, because of your tumor diagnostic, if I were you, I would call the oncology department to get the information.  Your pains are caused by the tumor, maybe they should know about it and at the same time suggest pain med that are adequate for your case.


    best wishes

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    Ear pain

    I had quite a bit of ear pain and headaches as a result of Bell’s Palsy. Botox did not seem to help with these two conditions, but acupuncture and herbs did help tremendously. 

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    I read your post again and

    I read your post again and was thinking that my own jaw gives me similar symptoms when it gets stiff. I use therabite to exercise it. Seems to banish the spasms. Just a thought. Hope you feel a little better.

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    Hello all - thank you for

    Hello all - thank you for your suggestions.  Right now, I know I have to try to resolve some of these Bell's Palsy symptoms that I got 2 days after my biopsy.  That biopsy left me with a slew of side effects, which I sure didn't need.  Did not have most of these side effects prior to biopsy, but did have head and ear pain, pressure and off balance.  Plus the area has not healed totally (has been 1 mo.) and is still sore to sleep on that side of my head.  Haven't had any treatment for the skull tumour, as I am not in shape physically to have chemo. Hurts to chew, and I'm not sure if I should just let my jaw rest - with soft foods and little chewing for now.  I have been to the massage therapist to do facial massage to try to resolve the numbness.