So far so Good

I just had a CT scan for my colon cancer - I am 18 months out of treatment.  It was all clear and my CEA is still below 1.  It has actually been that way since my surgery, before my chemotherapy.   I had to change insurance when I lost my job in June, but I am really pleased with my new oncologist.  

As I mentioned before, I have now been diagnosed with a chronic form of leukemia, called CML.  I take one pill a day - I have been taking it for almost four months and my oncologist says that I have shown a great response to the medicine.   It doesn't have the kind of side effects that chemo did so I actually feel pretty good.  It is treated as a chronic illness, sort of like high blood pressure.  As of right now, I will probably have to take this medicine long term, but there are a lot of trials going on so a cure may be found at some point.

The one thing I decided, especially after this last diagnosis, was that I didn't want to try to manage this and work at the same time.  I crunched some numbers and realized that by taking my own two pensions, and my late husband's Social Security, I could manage financially.  I am 64 amd can switch over to my own SS at 66.  This has really eased my mind, and I am able to concentrate on my own health and do some things I wanted to do.  I am eating much better than I have before and walking my dog for exercise.  





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    Great News!

    Cool  It sounds like things are going your way.

    It’s a beautiful day today.


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    How wonderful!

    That's terrific news. And even better that you can stop working and concentrate on your health! Congratulations!

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    Wonderful news!

    What a happy post to read. 

    I am so glad to hear the CRC is NED and that the leukemia is under control. 

    I think you deserve our little Happy Dancing Man.



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    So Far so Good

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes, and Tru, thanks so much for the Happy Dancing Man!  I hope everything stays this way - I am sure I will be anxious before every scan, but it is so nice to have such a supportive group.



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    Good for you! Sounds

    Good for you! Sounds wonderful! I wish I could do some of the things I used to, like walking our dogs or riding my horse. Maybe one of these days... In the meantime I'm so happy for you!


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    It is good to see you back

    It is good to see you back posting, Jan - I know you have been one of the stalwarts on this board and you have been through so much.  I lurked for a long time and just read posts.  I didn't actually join until my treatment was over.

    When I was having my chemo, it took everything I had to take my dog around the block and sometimes I just couldn't do it.  Thankfully, she has a nice back yard to go to and I have one adult son still living with me.   He could take her for her walks as needed but I really missed doing it.  Within two weeks of finishing chemo I started walking her again and it felt good.  I know exercise is good for you but I was just really tired during treatment.

    My next milestone will be having my port removed in March.  It doesn't really bother me but everytime I see it under my skin I am reminded of chemo.