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At 00.47 she says, and I quote 'So many Cancer patients collaborate and support each other every day. They create that comminity of love and determination that they find each other every day'

And that is what this forum is all about; collaborating, supporting and loving. 

I wish her well in her battle with Brain Cancer.



  • Joan M
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    CSN has helped me alot!

    There are so many caring and helpful people on this site. 

    I've benefitted from learning about methods to treat cancer besides chemo since I am "inoperable".  I was able to have ablations to my liver and lung, and also got the Y90 theraspheres.  My doctors were telling me that chemo was the only treatment option I had.  So glad I learned about the other methods to reduce the cancer and tumors in my body. 

    Thanks for sharing the link!