TACE and Chem Brain

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I had 2 TACE procedures done on a Liver tumor. The tumor was 7.5 cm, shrunk to 4, then shrunk to 2. Transplant was successful 7 years ago. I have lived in a general fog last 7 years. 95% of Chem brain symptoms. Dr. think maybe a stroke but no evidence of stroke? I'm thinking Chemo slowly, continously seeped into my body via the tumor - This would be mega amounts on the first TACE on 7.5 cm Tumor. Has anybody seen a study of the long term effects of TACE on large tumors due to seepage of Chemo into the body?


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    my mom had been given TACE, and had chemo brain, but...


    my mom had "chemo brain'" after her first and second round of TACE, yet not on her 3rd and final round.  We were told that TACE was not the main factor in the chemo brain, rather is was a result of her UTI, and the medication given for that UTI.  A medication were told by the neurologist, known to cause confusion, in fact, it has a nickname that infers dementia-like side effect.  I can't recall the medication name.  I'll try to recall from family.  She is now moving on to a systemic chemo, so I am worried about more side-effects not seen before with the TACE