bleeding 2yrs after radiotheraphy

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2yrs after radiotheraphy i started bleeding when urinating blood gushed out but now after a few weeks only oocures occasionally any ideas


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    Bleeding is common in RT for PCa but it can become serious

    Radiation treatments for PCa typically create scar tissue in the urethra and bladder. In most of the cases these areas burst into wounds causing bleeding till it repairs by itself. There is no fixed period on occurrences and many guys experience bleeding many years after treatment. Doctors call it RT late side effects. I had RT in 2006 and have experienced occasionally periods of such bleeding too. The bleeding is little and it clears to the normal color of urine at the end of the urination. In one occasion the blood coagulated in the urethra restraining urine flow (urethritis) which made me to force the issue so that the urine pressure unblocked the cloggy. This was a serious situation that could have made me to go to the hospital's emergency facilities.

    Best wishes for improvements.


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    I have experienced three occurrences of blood in urine, since my radiation treatments (38 treatments, 68 Grays) 4 ½ years ago.  The first occurrence was about 2 ½ years ago, with the second and third occurrences following about 6 months each, after the first one.  These occurrences started without warning, and my urine was bright red, actually looked just like blood, but thinner, with some small clots included.   This can be alarming and disturbing, particularly when it occurs in a public/office bathroom with wall-mounted urinals.

    I contacted my Urologist the first time that this occurred, and he had me come into the office immediately and performed a cystoscopy.  This procedure, while mentally disturbing in that a tube with a camera mounted on it is inserted into the penis and then pushed up through the urethra and into the bladder, was actually painless.  During the procedure, the Urologist encouraged me to watch the images with him on the TV monitor as he navigated around the bladder, inspecting the walls and locating the source of the bleeding.

    My condition was diagnosed as hematuria, and my Urologist advised that this is not an uncommon occurrence for people who have received radiation therapy near the bladder.  While not normally a dangerous condition, a progression to gross hematuria can be a life threatening condition, due to the rapid loss of blood.  My Urologist advised that in most cases the condition will resolve itself, as the bladder wall lesion will heal itself.  He also advised, however, that radiation treatments around the bladder can in rare instances trigger cancerous growths in the bladder later on, so it is good to contact medical professionals when these situations occur.

    The third time that this occurred, my Urologist recommended a bladder wall biopsy, and the procedure was performed at the hospital under general anesthesia.  The results of the biopsy and pathology were negative, and I had no post-procedure discomfort.  Since then, I have not has another occurrence.

    If you have not already done so, I recommend that you contact your Urologist and discuss your situation.

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    Blood in urine

    To make a long story short 2009 I had a psa,110 prostrate removed 2011 had 35 radiaton treatments.Feb.2016 uncologist released me that I was fine.I had just started having problem when having a hard bowel movement blood would come out my penis till one time blood clots stopped me up and had to go emergency room and have a catheter put in.when finally removed I leaked 8or9 pads a day. The urologist tried to put in the mechanical device for, urination and cleaning scar tissue out of urethra and putting a tube into my bladder into catheter bag to try to let urethra and bladder heal he said The radiation I 2011 had damaged my urethra and bladder beyond repair and my only choices were to wear a catheter bag out my penis the rest of my life or have bad part of urethra removed and my bladder removed.I chose the latter and have a stoma out my stomache and wear a urine ostomy,bag.over it.I had this done July 2017 have no more blood problems and everything removed cancer free.My psa,undectable.I hope you do fine no doctor tells you this can be a side effect of radiation.



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    blood in sperm 3 years ter brachytherapy

    Has anyone had blood in sperm a ways fter brachytherapy?

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    Blood in my Semen

    Just had 39 tretments Prostate Radiation 4 months ago.. All went well PSA now at .08.. but I now have Radiation Proctitis.. Lower bowel area.. Dealing with it using Surcaltate enemas.. 

    Now I see Brown blood in my semen when I ejaculate.. Has anyone experienced this? Please let me know..