Radiologist offered hope, first I've heard in a while!

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So I had my consult with a Radiologist regarding the radioembolization therapy. He spoke with me for almost an hour! He was way more positive than my oncologist has been since my bad scan results in November. So the radiologist really thinks he can either do an ablation of the places in my liver and the lone one in my lung OR do the embolization or Y90 treatment. He read over my chart and looked at my scans and was as I said, much more positive sounding than I've heard lately. I don't know what to make of that. Does my oncologist know something that the radiologist doesn't?

I spoke with my "nurse navigator" on the phone today and she is like a politician. Talks in circles and avoids giving a direct answer to anything. I told her that I felt the Doctor had given up on me and asked her why he offered nothing to me other than some chemo, and that is not really supposed to work well on me. No answer. I kept questioning her about his change in attitude. I thought an oncologist would suggest other alternate treatments when chemo isn't working or appropriate. I asked her to please try to get me in to see him soon as I did have a CT scan today to see where I stand and it was for the radiologist to see if my cancer is contained in the liver.

So I'm wondering if the radiation treatments might be enough without me taking chemo. I did not tolerate it all that well.

To get these treatments, first I will need a MRI which is scheduled. Then a procedure to map out the liver under GENERAL ANESTHESIA! Geez, I was surprised at that. Then the actual procedure which takes two times, and is an expensive and very big deal. A physicist is in the room during this. All of this is like starting over, it's not going to be easy. I think it will be a good bit of pain and nausea. Already I have nausea daily, I don't know why.

Anyway, I guess I'm moving forward with this plan and having the MRI. However, if my CT scan today comes back with bad results, this could all be moot talking points. I sure pray that is not true! I've had no treatments since November 2nd. My doctor has not encouraged me whatsoever.

At this late date, I'm not sure that getting a new oncologist is such a wise decision. I just don't really don't know what to do about it all. I guess I will just keep trying, that's all I can do.

God bless and guide us all!

Love and hugs...




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    Good news!

     I am happy to hear that you got a more positive response from your Radiation Oncologist.  I myself had an ablation on my liver tumour, almost four years ago now. 

    I would talk to your Rad Onc about his thoughts on doing chemo after whichever procedure you have. I would lean toward doing the chemo myself, even if it were just to cover my tracks. Saying that, I did no chemo after my ablation, but I had only one tumour and it was in a good spot, which made them think they got it all. 

    It would be a hard decison to change your oncologist, and I would speak to him/her first before making that decision. Be honest, and tell them your concerns. 

    Good luck with your CT Scan results.



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    Switching Oncologists

    I used to dread seeing my Oncologist. So I told my colon surgeon, who is very experienced, in his mid 60s. He knows everyone in the practice and thoughtfully suggested another Onc. He even had his staff make the switch for me and rescheduled my next Onc appointment!  I wonder if you could ask your radiologist for suggestions?

    Whatever you decide, I think it's so important that you find the right fit. The Oncologist seems like the overseer of all we are doing. My best wishes for good results from your upcoming scans!


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    I switched oncologists and am the better for it.

    People in the medical profession are wont to criticize one another, but if you listen carefully, you can hear it.  

    My advice is to follow your intuition.


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    Glad that you feel hope.  It's never too late to get a second opinion.  My surgeon was a second opinion and he was awesome, just wish I'd followed my heart and gotten a second opinion for my oncologist - just didn't care of her.  Wishing you well.