What can be eaten after colon resection?

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Hi as a follow up from my previous post, I would like to enquire about what foods are suitable to be eaten by my Father after colon resection. What should be avoided for the time being? Please help! Thank you very much and your help is very much appreciated!!


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    For the first 6-8 weeks post op

    For the first 6-8 weeks post op I was told to follow a low-fiber, low-residue diet: no fresh fruits or raw vegies, basically as non-irritating to my bowel as possible to facilitate healing.  Consult with the hospital dietition on the details.  They should give info before his discharge.  After recovery, I slowly added foods back in and now can (and do!) eat anything.  (My colon was resected in several places.)

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    I agree with Abrub. Low

    I agree with Abrub. Low residue diet. Basically soups, yogurt, milkshakes and ice cream, puddings, sandwiches without lettuce on them, macaroni, veggies are okay as long as they're well cooked, Applesauce is good and apples if the skin is removed, bananas, V8 juice is good for a serving of vegetables, Boosts aren't bad tasting, mashed potatoes, anything like that.

    I still have to stick to a low residue diet due to my ostomy and getting partial blockages. I have to avoid any raw veggies, fruit is okay if I'm careful. For example, I have to eat oranges by cutting them in half and using a spoon to eat the pulp. If I eat the membranes between the sections I can get a blockage. I love popcorn but haven't had it in over a year. 

    Meat is something that digests well. Your dad could probably have stew or chicken or things like that.

    I hope he heals quickly!


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    That's a difficult question as everyone is different.  I'm a very big veggie eater and therefore when asking the doctor what I'd be able to eat they just told me chew chew chew so when going home my first thing was a salad.  I'd stay away from steak or tough meat but my diet was pretty normal.   My initial surgery left me with an ileostomy as well and still was able to eat my favorite foods it was just a matter of chewing really really well.


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    I was given no restrictions.

    In fact, you shuold have seen the meal they brought to me at the hospital when I was allowed food. It was a huge plate of what looked like chicken, mash, vegetables, gravy (I especially questioned that, some kind of blobbish grey stuff).  It was a ridiculous meal to give to someone who had been nil by mouth for five days.  I didn't eat any of it, and asked for a sandwich 

    In hindsight, I may have put myself on a restricted diet, as long as it was nutritious. You do want fiber, but not in large amounts. You want you bowel to get back to work. 

    Good luck to your father.