Vomiting and nauseating after colorectal resection.

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My Father went for colon surgery and removed a part of his colon, approx. 11 days ago, came back around 6 days ago. Vomited after the surgery a couple of times but got better after. But started vomiting at least 3 times and feeling nauseous just yesterday. Vomit was yellowish  in colour. Today he vomited again twice, yellowish green colour as well, vomited right after eating. Also has a slight fever. Is it normal? If not what is the case? Doctor did not tell us what to look out for after he got released. Please help!! Thank you so much


  • Trubrit
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    Call the surgeon's office

    and tell his nurse what is going on. 

    That would be my advice. 

    And make sure he gets lots and lots to drink, as dehydration can be a big problem. 

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry about your dad's diagnosis. 

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    Call the doctor

    I had the same thing. I ended up back in the hospital two times. My "system" was not working. Eventually if it's not working, your stomach will not allow anything else to come through. I ended up with a tube down to my stomach to allieve things.

    He may have a blockage. Is he taking any laxatives? I got on track by using metamucial every morning. I no longer have to do that unless things slow down. 

    He's probably getting dehydrated as well and need an IV.

    Call the surgeons office. They may recommend you bring him in.

    good luck


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    I did that after my resection

    I did that after my resection and it turned out to be an abcess so I ended up back in the hospital. You definitely should speak to someone or take him in to be on the safe side. Particularly with a fever.

    Good luck!