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well let’s see, I feel kind of stupid being here when I haven’t been diagnosed yet.but I just need to get this out.  I’m 42. Colonoscopy scheduled in 3 weeks and I’m terrified.  Symptoms started around Christmas. Abdominal pain in 2 sections of abdominal area, bloating,tummy noises,  gassy, more straining to get stool out, feeling like blah. Was given a ct scan and it was negative, blood work ok too. Still having issues.....3 days of loose stools lately and just being tired. not sure if there was blood in stool but I may have noticed a faint trace twice.  IM Scared to get colonoscopy. Scared cancer will be in advance stages and it will be too late. I have no one to turn to. How do you do it. For years I told my daughter that I wasn’t ready to be a grand maw now I’m thinking I may never get the chance. Thinking about all the things I will never get to do. Things I took for granted. Every one of you fighting cancer is a hero in my book and I will pray for you every night.... please keep me in yours. Thanks for lending your ear. 


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    Subject close to my heart

    Subject close to my heart


    Hello I am very much like you I had some blood in the stool and I got so worried that I had cancer I couldn't eat and had lose stools so of course I thoguht the worst.  I went for a colonoscopy at the age of 28 was discovered that I had internal hemmoriedd that was 6 years ago. On and off if been having blood in stool due to poor diet. Cancer is always in my mind even after colonoscopy which grants 10 relief if you have no polyps or anything I'm going to the doctors again to get tests because I'm always worried about cancer.    The only thing I can say is many reasons could cause yiur symptoms not cancer 

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    Welcome, HeidiB

    You have every right to be scared, because Cancer is a scary thing.

    You are doing the right thing in getting a colonoscopy. You don't need to be too scared of the actual procedure though, because its quite routine, and a bit of a doddle. The prep on the other hand is yuk, but you'll get though it. 

    Now it seems like you are going throuhg the montions of a person already diagnosed, with all the fears and doubts, the black outlook, its all normal. What isn't normal, or at least, what isn't good, is if you let these dark thoughts take over your life. Every single day is precious, and is there to be enjoyed (for the most part). Don't let the thoughts of a bleak future or no future, ruin the precious days you have. Enjoy your daughter now, and your grandchildren when they arrive. 

    I am sure these next three weeks will seem like three years. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Here's hoping that your colonoscopy is all clear, and that the Doctor's figure out what is causing you grief and pain.  If, they do find the Cancer, then you will quickly become of of us,  and you will be someones hero, because you will fight like no other, and beat the odds, just like all of us here - and many others besides - are doing. 

    I certainly won't tell you not to worry, your going to, regardless. Human nature. But don't let it spoil any precious time. 

    We are here for you today, tomorrow right up until you come and tell us that your scans were clear. 

    And P.S. No, you are NOT stupid. 


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    Don't be afraid!!  Evev if you do have cancer, it is beatable.  Look up my history. Diagnosed in 2009,will be 86 in a few months.  I"m living proof it is no longer a death sentance.  So tell yourself, even if you have cancer you will beat it as I have!!! Good luck to you.

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    I know it's scary, but get

    I know it's scary, but get the colonoscopy! It's better to know and get help then to wait and let things get worse. I'm writing for my husband. He is 52 and was just diagnosed 12/30/2017 with Stage 4 colorectal cancer with mets to liver. We started first round of chemotherapy today! It's not what we would've ever wished for but God is going to use his story for good! We are so encouraged by the people on this forum.. for the encouragement they give to others, great advice and great stories of beating this disease! Best wishes to you!  

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    Ditto what Tru said. And you

    Ditto what Tru said. And you are in my prayers as well.