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I am 14 1/2 months post RP. 

At my most recent visit to urologist for follow up, I had long conversation with my doc about my feelings which progressively worsened in the past couple of months. He checked my testicles and penis, try to get soft stretch which was disappointing, and asked multiple questions about any new development in my post op course over the last 3 months, if I did have any reaction to Cialis and Viagra, anything spontaneous at night or early mornings which might look as partial erection etc. Also asked about my libido to which i answered as I want to have sex but when I see that my penis is nothing but stump, I loose libido without even trying.

He also asked about my physical activity and excercising and we talked about that for a while.

At the end he said he is going to order Testosterone levels with PSA.

Last Friday I got results which are good and bad.

Good first: My PSA is <0.01 - undetectable for which I am very thankful.

Bad: My Testosterone came back with following numbers:

Total Testosterone 217 (270 - 1070)

SHBG 21.5 (11.2–78.1)

Free Testosteron 5.24. (4.6–24.4)

Urologist called pharmacy with prescription for Clomiphene Citrate 50 mg to be taken every other day.

I do not expect miracle from this medication but certainly hope for some movement in positive direction.

I would like to know if anyone experienced Low T in post prostatectomy time?



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    Endogenous testosterone vs exogenous testosterone


    I hope that Clomiphene improves your issue with ED. Though this drug is recommended to help ladies with problems related to pregnancy, in men it is a drug that forces the pituitary to signal the request for testosterone manufacturing (at the testes). In other words, it is taken to increase the endogenous testosterone.

    I wonder if your doctor has sufficient experiences in using this drug in men with a history of prostate cancer (probably he does). Not to raise a red flag on the use of Clomiphene but from trials one knows that endogenous testosterone in TRT may be linked to an awakening of PCa activity, which is not in the favor of those with PCa cases.
    On the other end, exogenous testosterone (injected from outer sources) seems to be safer in terms of cancer activity reaction (no effects). Some doctors caring for PCa patients are totally against any TRT.

    We have discussed this matter here in the forum before but I cannot find the link to guide you for reading materials. In any case, ED is really an issue to us all after prostatectomy. We may see improvements but never get to previous status. Some guys have reported desperate cases leading them to TRT even if in such one risks recurrence.

    Please let us know about your results as they unroll.

    I will celebrate your remission at this time. Congratulations for the zeros in the PSA.

    Best wishes,



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    Good news

    Hi MK,

    Grea news on the undetectable psa, hope that continues.  Also hope the other drug(s) your doctor gives you helps with the ED.  Keep on searching for the answer....................

    Dave 3+4