New member/Multi-focal Adenocarcinoma

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Hello- I am new to this site.


Three months ago I finished my 4th lung cancer treatment, Photon Radiation, for Multi-focal Adenocarcinoma of the lung. When I shared my first announcement that my cancer was back again I was encouraged to write a blog.  That announcement became my first post.

In 1997 my first cancer showed up in my right lung. When I was told that I had to have follow-up CT scans for at least the following 5 years, that time period seemed eons away. Now, 20 years later and many 5 year periods later, I thought that it was time to tell my story so someone might not lose hope. Although I know that it is very rare for someone to survive cancer this long, my feelings and hopes and struggles have been, and still are much like anyone else who has had cancer., tells of my 20 year journey with lung cancer.


I return to MGH for my first follow-up Ct scan this February.