A bit nervous

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Hello all.


My mum recently passed away with lung cancer.


Back in 2012 I had some rectal bleeding would not take no for an answer and had a colon oscopy.  At the age of 29 Lucky all clear I was diagnosed with internal hemmaroids. Over the past 5 years on and off blood has been on my stool and tolit paper. Sometimes I look at the blood it's not as bright as it was other times it's very pink alays on the surfaces . Most of the time the blood is not there

It is always in the back of my mind though my risk factors are I drink and I'm overweight

No other symptoms no cramps pains or real change in bowl habbits I did have a stomach flu last week.

You are suppose to be clear for 5 years after a colonscopy not sure if I should get another one. 


How do you know when to go to the doctors I do feel I have an unhealthy worry 



All the best





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    Hello and welcome to the forum

    I am so sorry about your mum. It is no wonder that you are hyper-vigilant about your own health.

    My humble opinion for you at this time, is that the blood you are seeing on your stool, which sounds fresh, is probably related to your internal hemeroids. 

    What I would suggest is that you get yourself onto a doable high fiber diet, one that works for you, and I mean works as in good, soft and regular bowel movements.  I say this because, even now, four years out from my own dignosis and treatment, I still slack on my fiber and then sure enough, the blood starts to appear. I get myself back on track, and the blood is gone. 

    You already know that your weight and drinking do you no favours, so I would try to remedy one of those right now, and then, work on the other one.  

    As for how you know when to go to the Doctors, I'm still trying to figure that one out. 

    Good luck! 


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    Get it checked

    if it’s bugging you, I would get a colonoscopy.  Then you can rule everything out.  

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    Agree on a colonoscopy

    In hindsight I wish I had started getting colonoscopies years before I did. Wouldn't hurt to see your gastro doc and see if he encourages a colonoscopy.  You know what to expect if he does. Peace of mind.

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    Hello thank you all so much

    Hello thank you all so much for your reply. I know my problems seem so miniscule. I spoke with a doctor he told me go on a high fibre diet wait 4 weeks he said symptoms do not getting better with cancer. I will try and lose weight and kick the drinking on the head. It seems so ironic I am so worried about cancer yet I poison my body with drink and food. But yeah ever since my mom passed a year ago I have become over the top a bit about my health. And I have always thought the worst even as a small child.

    My mom smoked a lot, so much that the walls in the house would turn yellow. One day she just went yellow. I work away from home 11 months of the year so she rings up and said I'm in hospital I have gone yellow. At that seconded I thought either bile duck blockage or issue with thr liver. I knew it was cancer. She had a 4 cm mass on her lung a 3 cm mass in her liver that spread to her bile duck then to kindeys bone and brain. She lived 2 and a half months. 

    Cancer has affected my life by taking my mother away. I always come on these boards to read posts. Everyone here are true hero's for fighting this damn thing.


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    So very sorry

    So sorry to hear about your mom.  My bleeding was red as it wasn't hemmhroids but a rectal tumor.  When asking the doctor if anything that I'd had eaten or drank or was around (factories and such) was  a factor he said no.  Mine was not related to anything of my environment or diet it was plain genetics as my aunt had passed away 8 years prior to me.  Fortunately mine was caught early and I'm here 9 years later.  Get another colonoscopy and get your mind eased.  Studies to foods such as too much red meat have been debunked in some studies so I'm not one to go by what studies say about food.  Never was my diet bad and always ate healthy with salads every day, very low consumption of fried foods, and vegetables were my go to food.  Sometimes it just happens.  Wishing you luck and go in and get that test and free your mind.


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    Well I went to the doctors he

    Well I went to the doctors he was not concerned one bit told me again was internal hemmaroids. And my fe as r of having bowl cancer causing the lose stool. I must admit I do feel better. It's strange they don't do anymore check up for this. I mean colon cancer is on the rise in young adults. I told him he said don't listen to statistics they are like an ink bloch tests people see what they want.  He told me m y colonoscopy was clear 6 years ago I had no polyps I'm free for 10 years but he told me to wait 15 years 

    I would feel crazy if I went for a check up with another doctor