Getting ready for the big show

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My CA-125s are now 19.2 They went from 121.6 to 43.7 to this new number. Woot! My fibroids might STILL be mucking things up a little, but just a little, and not enough to prevent the CA-125 from going under the preferred 35 normal range. There will probably be one more CA-125 scan on the 5th. It's a little greedy of me, but I'm hoping the score goes lower. 

Now that I've had the three pre-surgery chemos, it's on to another CT Scan on the 5th. The good news is that the center is doing it on-site. As you folks know, I was giving the previous CT scan tech the side-eye because I really don't fully trust that CT scan. Hopefully, another pair of eyes will be looking at it, and it won't be shipped out to the first guy. This time, though, it's "with MIPS". I'm guessing from Googling it's a more throrough scan, and will include the lungs. I know that some doctors like lung x-rays along with the other tests.

Surgery is scheduled for the 14th. (I love you too, cancer center folks!). Time TBA. The week before is too soon, the surgeon will be out the week after, and I don't want it inside me two weeks later than the 14th, I want this thing OUT. It looks like a weird laparoscopic/open hybird. Laparoscopic look-see first, open for a partial omentectomy, and laparoscopic for the lady parts that I really am getting pretty mad at now. This may be one weird scar pattern on my stomach.

Of course, my second opinion called and wants me to come in, but that will be on the 29th. I can't see how I could do the surgery and the other tests much earlier than this doctor. They will probably be later. I now need to make an important decision, and may decide now to stick with my current surgeon. She was far more upbeat on this visit. Too bad she wasn't on the first one.

I won't be done yet after the surgery. Three more chemos. 


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    hang in there

    I know you want it OUT OUT OUT and I totally relate...I could not wait to get mine out. I had to work around Thanksgiving and literally begged my gyno onco surgeon to operate on me the day after she got home from visiting out of state family (she did...bless her heart). 

    I felt a great sense of relief once my lady parts were out...

    praying for you...good news on the CA125!!!!!!!!!

    I find out Thursday if I am NED...that is if this crazy weather doesn't mess things up...believe it or not this entire state (Texas) is shut down because of ice and snow...I am sure those in the north are laughing at us...literally schools cancelled and everything shut icycle...

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    Fabulous drop in CA125!

    Congrats! So glad to hear that you responded well to the chemotherapy. Wishing you the best of luck with the surgery. It sounds as if your surgeon has put together a good plan and has shared that plan with you. But there is really no harm in getting a second opinion on the 29th. At the very least you can see if anything is missed in the original plan and even if you decide to keep the first surgeon, you can bring some fresh ideas to her. Wishing you good luck!

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    So glad to hear your numbers are going in the right direction and the count down for surgery is closer and set. You will feel so much better just mentally knowing that the cancer has been removed surgically. Then more chemo to catch any of the remaining cancer cells. You have a plan and each day you are making progress to dancing with “NED”! Keeping you in my prayers ((Hug))