Lung nodes found on CT scan prior to kidney cancer surgery

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I had a partial nephrectomy 10/12/17. Small tumor. Stage 1a NO MO. Very lucky. However, my lung ct showed 4 nodules and  1 granuloma. There were 2 nodules on each side and they were somewhat symmetrical In location.  Sizes 5mm 3mm 2mm and 2mm. i had no risk factors for the kidney cancer, non-smoker,  female, not over weight, no family history. I’m 55. The radiologist said due to the pattern it didnt suggest mets. BUT, that doesn’t exclude a second primary of course. I haven’t had my first scans yet and this is making me nuts. The winter weather is killer and every time I cough i panic. There’s no crystal ball of course but has anyone had this near symmetry thing? I’d rather know then not. I see my Dr In mid March so Ive got some waiting to do.


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    Happy to hear your kidney

    Happy to hear your kidney cancer was caught early.

    Your nodules are very small, at this point. Most nodules are benign. They will monitor them to see if they grow, stay the same, or disappear. Way too soon to worry about anything. Also, nodules this size would not cause any symptoms. Hope this helps and you can relax and heal from your other surgery. Best wishes!!!

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    Thank you so much. Very kind

    Thank you so much. Very kind of you to respond. Wishing you a successful journey.

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    history of kidney cancer to lung

    Hi Kidneybeans! 

    I have the same history, right nephrectomy 20 years ago, followed by reoccurences every 5 years since then, primarily lung. I have had a right lower lobe wedge resection, and a right upper lobectomy, followed by a benign tumor on my thyroid.  Now have nodlues growing in left lower lung, very small and very slow growth, probably too small for surgery.

    Your Dr. will monitor your lungs. Don't hesitate to ask questions, research, educate yourdelf, live as healthy as you can and stay positive.  Above my bed it reads....Every day holds the possibility of a miracle.