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hello,i am new here my father got diagnosed with small cell throat cancer. quick background on him he is 70 a smoker pack a day. other then that he dosnt really drink booze  eats healthy ect. he was a fire-fighter for 25 years he is also a vietnam vet. this all came rather as a shock he was fine then on my birthday dec 19th woke up with a lump on neck long story short here we are 1/09. as far as spreading its no place else in the body the brain is clean lungs clean everything. he started his second week of chemo and not feeling good at all. the drs said small cell cancer spreads very quick but i quess he has the better one because its only in his throat. my family are all trying to figure out do we get a second opinion? or what being they said there has only been two other cases like this seems odd. he does have good medical insurance and is being treated at a top rated hospital in mi but any feedback would be so helpful. Thank you so much.

PS he needs another man to speak with going through a similar diagnosis maybe can help eachother we feels very depressed like hes dying on the chemo.

Joe c

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Thank you so much agian


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    Welcome to the H&N forum, I am sorry to hear about your Dad.

    Usually, a second opinion happens before chemo starts, but that is no matter.  He is being treated, so  I guess there  is a plan and it will most  likely get him to a good place. I am assuming he is being treated at a reputable medical center?

    Most people are sick and nauseated with the platinum based chemo drugs.  There are nausea drugs to take (and a wide variety).

    I do not know what to tell you about the rarity of his cancer, his doctors should have experience.

    For most of us, you get cancer, you get treated, you feel terrible for a while and you eventually get better.  I hope he follows our path.


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    Hi Joe,

    If you have serious questions, concerns, and/or doubts about your father's treatment plan, or other aspects regarding his diagnosis and treatment, then seeking a second opinion would be a wise course of action to take. 


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    Joe,  Treatment is tough, but very effective.  Only advice on that is to take it one day at a time.  Then, all at once, it is over and he will be on the road to recovery.

    Best Wishes, Crystal

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    As someone who is 4 months

    As someone who is 4 months post treatment for SCC base of tongue, I can tell you, the treatment is pure torture, but the result is so worth it. For most people, all of the horrible symptoms you experience are a part of the cure and not the cancer itself.

    I decided I was simply being initiated into truly appreciating the rest of my life.