Solid 1.8cm



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    Not that far off

    Barnes is a great facility and luckily these little you know what's aren't typically anything but slow growers.

    Best wishes & I'll keep you in my prayers,


    P.S.  Gotta love how the doc doesn't want to do anything but I'll bet if you asked if he/she would leave it to grow inside of him/her, the response would probably be quite different.

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    I had a biopsy on mine (2cm)

    I had a biopsy on mine (2cm) early in December.  Showed RCC.  There was a lot of talk of cryoablation by the interventional rediologist, but I hadn't consulted with my urologist yet.  When I did talk with him, he said they do cryo on older patients or patients that won't handle surgery well.  I'm 47.  He looked at me and said "lets get it out of you.  You have many years left".  I told him that's what I wanted anyway, so I'm now set for a partial on the 26th.