The Holy Grail -interesting but not conclusive

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Interesting article on cancer cell cycle deregulation. Don't know if what they are saying is true or not... Could be another weapon in the arsenal or it could be snake oil.



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    Hi Grinder

    Coming out of Mexico I would be very cautious, if it does work I would think other hospitals in other parts of the US would pick up on it.  Maybe soemthing for the future.

    Dave 3+4

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    Holy Grail

    Hey Cg

    The "cure" was not really the interesting information I wanted to call to your attention...

    I know we have discussed what makes a cancer cell tick. The identifying factor is a cancer cell does not have programmed death. Cells have definitive life spans programmed in to its dna. Cancer cells do not die as the DNA programming has mutated and no longer have programmed cell death. This article terms this: "cancer cell cycle deregulation", the first time I have heard this terminology, but an accurate description of the mutated programmed cell death.

    So, cancer cells, as they multiply, do not die as they should, so tumors are formed of non-dying cancer cells that multiply, and the tumor gets larger as a consequence.

    The typical method of attack is to kill the cancer cells that are not properly programmed to die. But I was getting a jist of this article there may be a way of restoring the death regulation of the cancer cells, and let them kill themselves as they should have in the first place. If this could be done, then other healthy cells would be spared which is not the case in traditional forms of treatment, where outright killing of the cancer cells also mean the "collateral damage" of killing healthy cells.

    If course. I imagine this is snake oil, I do suspect. However, that is the "holy grail" of cancer cure... Something that would restore cell death programming to cancer cells, so that healthy normal cells could be spared. Thereby all the side effects of most cancer treatments would be nearly eliminated.

    But of course, you are right CG... If it's from Mexico, it is very unlikely they can deliver on such a promise. More likely, they will make money on the ill fortunes of victims offering false hope that desperate people will grab onto. 

    We can always dream though that someday this will be discovered. I guess if you think about it, making a cancer cell "healthy" again would probably not restore the DNA programming of cell death regulation.

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    Ok maybe I don't understand what they are trying to do... Are they trying to create "healthy" cells by causing the cancerous cells to replicate as regulated cells? Are they trying to discourage the deregulated cancer cells from replicating at all? Or just outright killing the deregulated cancerous cells, which is traditional treatment.

    Somehow I am guessing a Vitamin C / Vitamin K3 peculiar ratio ain't gonna do it. 

    It's just that they sounded like they had a better grasp of the operation of a cancer cell than the usual snake oil, like "Cannabis oil cured my cancer!" and "This superfood will reduce your cancer risk!" And blah blah blah.