Vaginal Cuff reacurrance with Radiation and Chemo

I was diagnosed with recurrence of my uterus cancer.  Standard care is external beam and brachytherapy.  I already have gone to Stanford and the Mayo Clinic and  given the same options.

i was wondering if anyone has had brachytherapy and chemo for vaginal cuff recurrence?


any info would be appreciated.




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    Miss Jeannie, please come

    Miss Jeannie, please come post over on the Uterine page.  There are a few ladies over there who are in recurrent and I think they would be happy to chime in.  I don't think they always come over here since there is a page just for Uterine.

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    I had surgery for a vaginal cuff recurrence

    My origin was appendix cancer; and I just had surgery to remove the new tumor (plus intraperitoneal chemo.)  They discussed brachy for me, but since it hadn't been used for appendix cancer (and the potential damage outweighed the benefits to me) we opted against it.  (We = my dr and I.)