Father and Son


I was diagnosed August 2017 HPV HandN cancer, however, my father was diagnosed 5 years ago with the same thing. He was 72, still cancer free, I am 57, anyone ever heard of this before? The docs say it is nothing.


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    Never heard of this but HPV+

    Never heard of this but HPV+ head and neck ca is becoming more common. perhaps a cocindence??










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    Not father and son, but brothers.  My husband was treated 5 years agp for ssc of the piriform sinus with 2 lymph nodes affected as well.  Last month, his brother was diagnosed with base of tongue ssc hpv+.  My husband had none of the risk factors othr than being a 55 year old male.  His brother smoked, but quit the day he was told.  My husband has his 5 year check up next week.  I plan to ask his doctor about the role genectics may play.