Have a Happy and Healthy 2018!


Someone sent me this article thus morning. Although the subject did not have CRC specifically, I found it inspiring. And love this guy's sense of humor.   http://www.macombdaily.com/sports/20171230/column-a-different-kind-of-scoreboard

P. S. Wish the link worked more simply.


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    It is well written and with a

    It is well written and with a sense of hope. Never give up. Thanks for the link.


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    Happy New Year

    Best to you and all on this board.


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    Thank you for the link

    Did you try the link thing provided (yeah, as you see, I don't do technological terms). If you copy and paste the link into the text box, then hit the little paper clip icon in the box above, you can paste the link in there. The hit enter and your link should be more user friendly. 

    Oh, and Happy New Year. Its going to be a good one, right?!!!