Marijuana use during chemo?


Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on here. I have been trying to find information on whether or not marijuana is ok to use while in chemo. Over my life I have seen several people use it during different types of chemo to help with nausea and to stimulate their appetite.  I was diagnosed with MM  about 4 months ago and brought it up with my onc.  He said it was fine, except during the steam cell transplant because absolutely no smoking of any kind is allowed. He did say edibles would be fine though.  I am now 2 weeks away from treatment and he says he doesn't recommend it.  He admits he knows nothing about it because until he sees a study on it done on humans he wont even look.  I wish he  had said that from the start.  My issue is I am a long time pot smoker and would need some time to taper off my use or deal with some side effects. To say this 2 weeks before i go in has me wondering whats the best way to deal with this curveball thrown at me. I don't mind stopping if that's what I have to do. I just wish he was straight with me from the start. The last week or so my anxiety has really kicked in and I have been an emotional mess all week.  In the middle of this he drops this on me. I know this isnt gonna be easy since I'm already a mess. Or is he just clueless on marijuana and using it is no big deal? Anyone have any experience with this subject? Looking for some knowledge.


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    Hi Chris

    Hi Chris,

    I actually have/had Colon Cancer, and was on an intense chemo plan  for 6 months, which ended in November. The reason I happened to rerad your post is because my brother is dealing with MM.

    I used marijuana edibles (stoppeed smoking it years ago) throughout my chemo and found it to be very effective with helping me to sleep soundly and keep my appetite up. I wouldn't smoke it, as we all know in our hearts that it isn't helpful.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!