Random questions re chemo after surgery

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How soon after do you have to start it? I know it probably depends on your healing time, but I'm trying to get a rough timeline. I have to do three rounds of chemo after surgery, and I have one more session before. Right now, hopefully if things go OK, that would put me around May somewhere by the time I complete frontline treatment.

Also, how did your doctors schedule the follow-up visits the first couple of years or so? Were they three months apart? I think that's what I've been reading here.


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    I started chemo about 4 weeks after surgery. My doc says follow up every 3 months for the first 2 years. I recently completed treatment and have not yet had my first post-treatment appt. 

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    i started Chemo about 5-6 weeks after surgery.  Keep in mind there may be bumps in the road that may push your schedule out to where you may not have chemo every 3 weeks as planned.  I am almost 2 years out and see my Onc every 3 months.  Best wishes for successful treatment.

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    I had a similar question a while back. A lot of people chimed in here. Hope this helps.


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    I started chemo 3 weeks after

    I started chemo 3 weeks after my hysterectomy. My white count tanked so I had to have Neulasta before rounds 4 and 5, but fortunately that only threw me off by a week.