BLEEDING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so upset right now, I told my husband I want to go to the ER but he is refusing seeing I have to see the gyno oncologist next Friday.  I am crying buckets.  Had to take the tranquilizers again.  I am on the verge of going insane\]

I had the D.C on November 17th.  Bled for about one week after this.  Gyno said it was "normal."  Then I gushed a pinkish watery dischage 2 to 3 weeks after d/c/ 

I went to her again and told her.  She said it was "normal" because she as she put it "scraped the uterus" and it was healing inside.  I have to roll my eyes.  Sealed


Everything has been bone dry since then.  It was a pleasure not to see blood until about one hour ago.

I went to urinate and BLOOD!  now what the f is happening here?


I wanted to call the doctor's emergency number.  Mr Control Freak I live with, told me to calm down.




  Is this the pre cancer?  Or is it already cancer?  Does it grow that fast?  And the only other thing I want to add is I stopped HRT 2 weeks ago.  Could this be the uterine lining shedding so that is why there is bleeding>


I did read about women who stop hrt cold turkey and then bleed either right away or it takes a week or so.  One even said it took nearly 2 weeks.


HELP!  Please let me know your ideas?  things always seem to happen around holidays when there is no doctor to see!











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    think I might just give up.  I can't handle this anymore.  All this waiting for doctors has made me very upset.  I am at the end of my rope.

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    think I might just give up.  I can't handle this anymore.  All this waiting for doctors has made me very upset.  I am at the end of my rope.

    SaltyCandy I saw where you

    SaltyCandy none of us our doctors, so it is impossible for all of us to say what is reallly going on.  I saw where you posted on the Expression Gallery and you have a lot of other things going on.  The waiting is the worst part - I think any of the women here will tell you.  I think your best bet is getting help from the gyn onc who really can tell you what is going on - I always got the impression the ER just evaluates and points you in the direction of things you need.  Try to stick with the plan - we all know it is hard - take a breath. 

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    SaltyCandy...I agree that you

    SaltyCandy...I agree that you need to do some deep breathing & try to calm down.

    The waiting is definitely the worst part of this whole process no matter where you are in the process. Once you know what you are dealing with and what needs to be done some...some of the anxiety lessens.

    Nothing can be done until you are seen by the oncologist and a treatment plan is developed based on your findings from the D&C. I don't wan to offer false hope, but many uterine cancers are very slow growing. Waiting until you get in for your appointment will not make the difference between night and day!

    I had huge anxiety while waiting...I have anxiety anyhow, but IF it is cancer waiting is going to be a big factor down the road. Back rubs or massages, prayer, going out to eat...anyway you can escape your thoughts and fear for awhile can help you cope.

    The bleeding can very well be from the D&C, but if not the oncologist will advise you further.

    Always bear in mind cancer is not an automatic death sentence is treatable in many cases.

    I hope you can find some peace until you get th answers you seek...hugs!

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    God Bless You

    thank you ladies.  I just got the doctor's exchange.  Of course my doctor was not on call, so what else is new?  she said very much what both of you have said.  could be hormones.  Withdrawal cold turkey.  Could be the hyperplasia.  And of course, she recommended hysterectomy pronto!  which we will do asap.

    I was told to lie down for awhile which I did.  She said that would help the bleeding.  She said to call them if it's heavy so far so good.  I suffer from anxiety.  Mainly because I have had to struggle with a brain tumor in the past and I have Graves'.  It all adds up you know?  thank you all!