I had a biopsy and need layman terms so I can understand


My last pap smear came back abnormal with AGUS noted so I had to go in for a biopsy and need some help trying to know what the following means on the report i picked up from hospital and what do you think will be the next steps?.

Biopsy results - it comes back in 3 parts

A. Endocervix: Mild Atypical Squamous Metaplasia

B. Face of Cervix: No Histopathologic Diagnosis

C. Endometrium: Proliferative Endomedtrium


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    ASCUS stands for atypical squamous cells of undtermine significance

    AGUS stands for atypical glandular cells of undetermine significance.  

    I have had ASCUS several times.  With AGUS, it is with the glandular cells.   It is scary to hear something as abnormal.  Although it could mean something, the undetermine significance means that it may not be anything.  They will probably perform another PAP or other tests if this was the first time this has happened.

    Some of the tests could be as follows:

    1) colposcopy

    2) endocervical curettage

    3) endometrial biopsy

    4) ultrasound

    any other tests your gyne may require.  

    I see that you are going for a biopsy.   Waiting for the results is hard.  I hope all is well.