Ways to stay full when on liquid diet?


I'm only on tube feeds, I do 5 8oz osmolite a day. I've been having an issue with getting hungry too often. I'll eat then 3 hours later I'm hungry again and I can hardly stand to go all night without something, I wake up at 4am super starved. Before when I ate normal I could eat dinner at 6 and not even eat till 10-11 the next morning. Now I push my feeds to around 8 but still wake up early hungry.

I feel like it has to do with the fact that it's liquid so, digests faster?

Any ideas on how to stay fuller longer? I'm up for smoothie recipes too. (No taste back yet so doesnt matter what)


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    Hi Miss BlueEes,

    I've been on a liquid diet since 2000, first PEG tubing for 11 years until my esophagus was rebuilt during my laryngectomy surgery.  Now I am amazingly able to swallow my liquid diet, so all in all, I have a little experience in this realm.  My wife Diane and I were, oh so thankfully, introduced to the wonders of the Vitamix blender by some friends of ours who were aware that Diane, in the process of blending my meals, had burned the motors out on at least 5 regular kitchen blenders.  A Vitamix will blend anything that you put into the pitcher, in three minutes, and heat the food in the process.  Vitamix is top of the line and not cheap, but it will last for ages, so it is a great investment.  The company has a program of providing a discount on refurbished blenders for folks like us who have the medical necessity for owning one.  Give the company a call to find out the details. I have been enjoying regular meals blended for many years now, first via PEGGY, and now the old fashioned way.  By the by, the blended meals are delicious. I blend whatever we are having for any given meal, for example, for our Christmas Eve dinner we had turkey (of course), dressing, cranberry sauce, string beans, green peas, potato salad, Parker Rolls, and gravey, so I tossed portions of each item (2 rolls) into the pitcher, with 3 cups of milk, cranked that badboy on, and three minutes later I was drinking holiday meal magic. Of course you will want to check with your GI doc to make sure that a blended diet would not be a problem. If you are able to go to a regular food blended diet, I believe that your hunger problems will become extinct.  Happy New Year, and Happy Blending!            

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    Whey Protein Drink

    Whey is so filling.  You might try it with milk.  We blend it in the magic bullet.

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    Be very thankful you are

    Be very thankful you are hungry! While I refused a feeding tube during treatment, I know several people who were on them and still lost weight because they either had no desire to take in their liquid diet or couldn't keep it down.

    Hunger is a good sign IMO, just figure out a way to manage it.