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hi i am in my 16th radiation treatement still have 14 more and i think i am loosing my voice. it s vocal cords cancer. i am getting scared and i am on my own don t have nobody to support me, with that said i have to get back to work asap! the only problem i have is that as soon as i start talking i loose my voice and coughing, and ofcource having difficulty swallowing but i can handle that. does enyone having this problem? would i get my voice back ever?


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    A number of folks have had voice issues following surgery


    I am sorry that you are having vocal cord issues following radiation. Your post indicates you are being treated for vocal cord cancer? This is a forum for esophageal cancer, but some of the same treatment related issues may apply. Squamous cell esophageal cancer does often occur higher in the esophagus, and could be close to the vocal cord area. Of course, radiation causes a “sunburn” type effect and irritation, which could account for your coughing spells when attempting to talk. Perhaps they can prescribe a medication to reduce the irritation in your throat.

    Combining work and treatment is often a challenge. Sometimes we need to take time away from work to complete treatment. I am not sure if your company has a medical leave allowance. I hope they do.

    I am afraid I don’t have any specific suggestions for vocal cord cancer related treatment or treatment outcomes. But I did want you to know people here have read your post and we wish you the best. Perhaps once you complete treatment your throat will begin to feel better.

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    I am in search of an answer to the same quuestion. Although, my husband is three weeks post treatment. He lost his voice very early on in his treatment. It seems to come back from time to time just a little above a wisper. His was not vocal cord SSC, it was a large tumor located on the right side of his neck an involved at least 4 lymp nodes. He had 35 radiation treatments and 3 chemo. I would ask your doctor. I know the radiation can leave your throat raw. I didn't think it would effect my husband for this long.

    Wishing you all the best with your treatment.