Mass in groin area


My father (84 years old) completed treatment at MD Anderson for Esophageal Cancer and now is trying to get strong enough for surgery.  He discovered a mass in his groin area the other day.  We went to the primary care doctor and they said it was a mass that needed to be looked at by the Oncologist.  Could this be related to the esophageal cancer?





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    Merry Christmas Stacey

    Hello Stacey,

    EC does metastasize worse than your average cancer.  It usually heads to the lung, liver, brain and bone, though.  I'm not familiar with metastasis to the groin.  Doesn't mean that it can't happen.  I am absolutely not a medical professional.  I am just an amateur oncologist.  I definitely hope that it's nothing.

    Best wishes in the new year,